Tourist attraction of Khajuraho Temples

India is a land of beautiful places and Khjuraho is one of the most remarkable and magnificent place.It is situated at the heart of Central India that is Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most favored destinations for the tourists of India as well as foreigners. It’s a culturally rich place and a tourist hotspot. In fact, it is one of the favorite destinations for Indian as well foreign tourists. At Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, there is a group of magnificent temples. These temples were built between 9th and 10th centuries by Chandela dynasty. Temples of Khajuraho hold the attention of a visitor with their sculptural art, which is so exquisite and intricate, that one cannot even dream of cloning it now. Perfect in execution and sublime in expressions these Khajuraho temples are a dedication to the womanhood. The artist’s creative instincts have beautifully captured various facets and moods of life in stone. These temples are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The dynasty which built these temples was the most dominated dynasty in Central India at that time. All 25 temples at Khajuraho represent the brilliant burst of artistic flowering that took place under the Chandela dynasty. Khajuraho was the peacetime capital of Chandela rulers. These temples are hidden in the dense forest and this is the main reason that they escaped the ravages of the Islamic invaders. But as these are very remotely located they remained abandoned for a very long period of time for almost 700 years. These were rediscovered by Captain TS Burt of Bengal Engineers in 1838.

Most of these temples are built of sandstone and the colors used are pale yellow, pink and buff in shades. These temples are dedicated to Hindu deities like Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh apart from few Devi forms.The temples of Khajuraho are devided into three groups.

The Western Group of temples includes the Kandriya Mahadev Temple, Lakshman Temple and Vishwanath Temple. Among the Western Group of Temples the most impressive one is the Kandriya Mahadev Temple. This temple represents the pinnacle of North Indian temples art and architecture. It is just superb and remarkable for its grand dimensions, its complex yet perfectly harmonious composition and its exquisite sculptural embellishment. The temple is covered by almost 800 sculptures which depicts gods and goddesses, beasts and warriors, sensuous maidens, dancers, musicians as well the erotic scenes for which Khajuraho temples are famous. The Lakshman Temples and Vishwanath Temples are also quite similar to the Kandriya Mahadev Temple in sculptures, composition and embellishment. These temples have the similar themes but along with that they have their individual features also.

Inside the Lakshman Temple the superb ceiling of the entrance porch is very beautiful. There is also a female bracket figure inside which deserves a special notice. There is a pair of street singers on the south façade which leaves long lasting impression on the visitors with their expressions of intense absorption. This section is located at the centre of site of the Khajuraho temple

The second group is the Eastern Group of temples which has three Jain temples which include the Adinath, Parsvanath and Ghantai temples and three Brahmin temples which are Vamana, Javari and Brahma temples. The Jain Parsvanath Temple is the most remarkable temple with its intricately carved ceiling pendants in its entrance porch.

The last group is called the Southern Group of Temples which includes The Duladeo and the Chaturbhuja temples which are two distantly located edifices. The Chaturbhuj Temple has a superb four armed image of Shiva in the inner sanctum.

Temples in Khjuraho

Varah Temple

Kandriya-mahadev Temple

Lakshmna Temple

Vamana Temple

Ghantai Temple

Duladeo Temple

Lalguan temple

Mantangesvra Temple

Devi Jagdambi Temple

Brhma Temple

Chaturbhuja Temple

Chitragupta Temple

Parsvanath Temple

Adinath Temple

Khajuraho Temples  with their superb architecture, exquisite sculptural embellishment and sensuous maidens simply expresses an exuberant celebration of life and creation. Among many tourist attractions in India Khajuraho has its own special place.

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